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Greg Cox - the February Guest Speaker

Greg Cox on his farm in West Rutland

“It’s gonna sound bizarre: I don’t focus on making a living, I focus on feeding people. And I have this little mantra in my head, that the farmer that’s worried about feeding his family may starve; the farmer that’s worried about feeding the world will never starve.”

Greg Cox has devoted his life to feeding the world, and Rutland is the center of his world. His farm — Boardman Hill Farm — sits on over 70 acres in West Rutland, and the Vermont Farmers Food Center (VFFC), which he leads, rises alongside West Street. Since attending Johnson State as a freshman in 1968 — “the Summer of Love” — Cox has called Vermont home. He has addressed food insecurity, nutrition-based illness, the struggles of small farmers, and the declining local economy all through agricultural projects. In each endeavor, he works to give more than he takes; and he succeeds. (from the Mountain Times). We enjoyed a interesting and informative talk from Greg followed by a great lunch - a pot luck this time and as usual, delicious. The table decorations celebrating Valentine's Day were lovely. The meeting was held at the Godnick Adult Center.

The business meeting focused on the 3 major fundraisers this year. We have added a Bake Sale to our Plant Sale on May 20th. Joann O'Hagan will be in charge of the Bake Sale. This money is earmarked for our Scholarship Fund. Our Plant Sale is headed by Shelley Zara. The Strawberry Luncheon on June 15th will be headed up by Val Cleary along with Ann Clark and Pat Kent.

Greg Cox giving a talk at our February meeting.

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