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Successful Plant & Bake Sale!

Many thanks to all who participated in our dual fundraiser on Saturday! Great

teamwork was evident all week and we ended the day with $1,307 from the Plant Sale and

$594 from the Bake Sale. Also, there were many smiling faces all day…priceless! It was a big effort by many members to have a great selection of plants ready for customers for

our 9 am start. So many took the time to dig and prepare their own plants then helped others

as well. It looked great at opening time and many members in pink shirts were available to help

the public get the right plants. As usual we sold out well before noon!

The response to our call for baked goods was overwhelming. Clearly we have many talented

bakers! Everything was displayed in a very inviting way and the response from the public was very good. People stepped up to do whatever they could and many helped those who needed an assist…this is what makes this Club so special! In addition to fundraising, the day seemed to provide a great opportunity for members to be together. There are so many individuals who went above and beyond but the breadth of participation was also striking. Overall, it was a true group effort with great results for the Club. Thanks to everyone for being part of it!

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