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Beautifying Rutland

Every year members of the Rutland Garden Club gather to decorate our city with flowers. Window boxes on the sidewalk in front of many businesses and containers placed throughout the city are planted with lovely plants that last until the fall. This year we arrived early to arrange the containers as you can see in the above photo. Our partners at the Public Works Department place them around Rutland and water them during the season.

Then everyone adjourns downtown to arrange a variety of plants in the window boxes. Our fearless leader and her hardworking assistant put them there at dawn that morning! Passersby always stop to admire our handiwork and thank us.

This year we received special recognition and thanks from the Mayor Mike Doenges, Alderman Kiana McClure and Downtown Partnership's Hal Issente. They presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers to our hardworking Chair of the Beautification Committee. Rutland Magazine is featuring this story in their next issue and they were there to take photos. Refreshments were served too.

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