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Ikebana right here in Rutland!

These lovely designs were created  by the members taking a design class taught by our own Valerie Cleary. They are based on the measurements from Ikebana— an ancient Japanese  floral design style. The measurements relate to the components of the design ( line material (Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick) and the flowers and greens to the container.

The longest stick should be the length of the longest measurement of the container + the second measurement of the container. Example: the height of the container + the width of the container= the length of the longest stick . In Ikebana this stick is called Shin and represents heaven.

. The second longest stick is 3/4 of the length of Shin and is called Soe and represents Man. The third stick is 3/4 the length of the second and is Hikae which represents Earth. ***This sounds complicated but using these measurements will create a pleasing relationship between the container and the line material (In this case the Harry Lauder’s sticks). And, as you can see, the results and pretty spectacular.

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