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Plants Bad For Pets!

Updated: 7 days ago

There are a lot of favorite plants that are toxic to many pets. Most are mildly toxic, but the bottom line is that pets should never be chewing on most flowering plants and shrubs, either indoor or outdoor. Always give your puppies and dogs a raw bone or chew stick like the Earth Animal "No Hide" chews if he needs to chew. Keep them away from chewing sticks as they can splinter in the mouth or intestines.  Provide fresh orgainc catnip or "kitty grass" for your cats. These are safe ways to supply chlorophyl, fiber and micronutrientes that compliment a carnivore's diet and will help prevent them from seeking these nutrients from dangerous plants and flowers.

House plants such as Jade Plant, Amaryllis, Aloe Vera, and Philodendron, and outdoors, Azaleas, Rhodedendroms and English ivy, are a few of the common plants that are toxic. Here's a link to a list of many more:

Here's their list of safe plants:

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